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Avoiding A Scratch-Free Car
Nov 16, 2021 - 12:44:13 am
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Things To Avoid For A Scratch-Free Car

Your car. Your pride and joy. Your baby. The one place where no one is allowed to eat pie or put feet on the dash. Reading this probably has you smiling at how much you love your car, and caring for it may seem fussy, but it’s important. But, how do you protect your car from scratches and bumps? In this article, we will look at how to protect your car paint from scratches, how to create a maintenance schedule for your car and what everyday tips you can adopt to prevent your car from dirt and damage.

Good Driving, Great Car

A lot of car owners know that how you drive your car is important to the general upkeep of the car. However, most people always complain about not being able to spot unexpected bumps like potholes or how close to a wall it actually is. These are common mistakes that you should not penalise yourself too harshly for. You can prevent this from happening by doing research on the road you are going to be travelling if you'll be driving there for the first time.

Also, consider going on social media and finding if there aren’t any people talking about common potholes or any road hindrances in the areas you are to travel. The nice thing about social media is that there is always a community of people who share the same views and struggles as you, so finding good driving tips from those who have been on these roads will help you prepare yourself and your car better.

Wash Woes

While taking your car to the car wash may be great, try avoiding the automated brush kind. The bristles on the brushes may slightly scratch your car with time and cause the paint to suffer. Washing your car with a bucket and cloth not only saves you from harsh brushes but saves a considerable amount of water too. So you and your car will be caring for the environment. Invest in good quality cloths and sponges to wash your car’s exterior, and if you have a vacuum cleaner, then your car’s interior will thank you for it every time. You can invest in a brush and dustpan combo for your interior if you do not have a vacuum cleaner. There are a lot of dashboard shine sprays that will keep your steering wheel and other parts shiny. Apply wax on your car as it acts as a sunscreen for it, and who doesn’t love protection from the heat? Exactly.

Don't Place Foreign Objects On The Car

If you want to protect the paint from scratches, never sit on your car or place an object on the hood or roof for convenience sake. Sitting on your car may mildly bend and dent it. Invest in a travel-sized desk or table if you are planning on having an outdoor gathering with your car being the sound booth. If you are taking a road trip, consider stopping at a garage rather than in the middle of the road to avoid using your car as your eating or resting spot. Plus, you will give the car a break and may score a nice parking spot in the shade. Speaking of, always try to find parking spaces that offer your car shade to protect its paint. This may not always be easy, so another consideration would be a tent or cover.

Touch Ups Are Necessary

Depending on how your car’s paint is looking, you will have to get it retouched eventually. Consider doing this after a set period of time. Give yourself a year just like with your car’s maintenance and have annual check-ins where you will see if your car needs to be retouched or repainted completely. Giving yourself time also allows you to save up if you do not have any insurance handling such expenses. Forming a good relationship with a reputable mechanic can also help you with retouching your car as they will constantly check on your car whenever you visit the mechanic – which we hope is not too often.

Final Words

Unfortunately, scratch-resistant car paint or cars haven’t been invented yet, but we remain hopeful. However, don’t stress; caring for your car can be easy when you are armed with the right information. If you are considering getting a set of wheels yourself and have been shopping around for used cars dealerships, you may be worried about bumps and scratches too. Don’t worry; at InspectaCar, we have second-hand cars that feel like first-class, so there is little to no chance that you will need to worry about an immediate paint job. Take a look at what you can get at affordable rates coupled with convenient payments options. But wait, there’s more; you can also enjoy value-added products from us, designed to lessen your stress and give you more memories on the road. So, take advantage of it all today.

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